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National Flight Academies are Civil Air Patrol's premier cadet flight experiences. As such, student selection is a very competitive process, with a selection pool in the hundreds and approximately 20 slots available per academy. Earning a slot at an NFA is a prestigious honor that sets a cadet on their aviation career.



2024 Southwest Region 

National Powered Flight Academy

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What is a National Powered Flight Academy?

National Powered Flight Academies are National Cadet Special Activities that provide cadets 16 and older with the opportunity to earn their first solo flight. During the activity, cadets will expand their knowledge by receiving critical ground instruction and flight training from our experienced and highly qualified flight instructors.

Ground School

Participants gain real-world knowledge and wisdom that can help them to pass the Federal Aviation Administration Private Pilot written examination. Like anything else in life, knowledge is the key to success. At our National Flight Academy, volunteer staff pour their decades of experience into cadet students eager to take flight.

Flight Training

Participants gain crucial knowledge that can lead to soloing an aircraft. A solo flight indicates that you have the attitude and the aptitude to be successful in an airplane. The flight indicates that a student is able to perform assigned maneuvers to the level of competence necessary for a safe flight with no explanation or assistance from their flight instructor. The solo flight is the pivotal first step for any student pilot on the path to earning their private pilot certificate. While a solo flight is not promised, it is a milestone that attendees aspire to.

The goal of the National Flight Academies is to provide cadets with a hands-on and interactive experience. They are given a solid flying foundation by providing approximately 10 hours of flight instruction in CAP aircraft in conjunction with up to 40 hours of ground instruction with FAA certified flight instructors, weather and schedule permitting. The learning environment is specially designed for cadets, and the low instructor-to-student ratio provides opportunities for mentoring and individual attention.

Before any activity, we go through a Risk Management process to assess the potential risks and mitigate them. All activities, even just walking across the tarmac, has some risk but our job is to make sure that nobody is subjected to unnecessary risk. The goal is to provide challenges for our cadets to overcome, giving them confidence and self-esteem that is not easily shaken as well as memories they will not easily forget!

Staff and Instructors

Cadets have the opportunity to work with FAA  certified flight instructors and aviation professionals, civilian, corporate and military, who share their expertise on how to prepare for a career as an aviator. Whether they are interested in a future career as a pilot or simply want to fly for recreational purposes, NFA is a step toward a private pilot certificate.

Civil Air Patrol's rich 80+ year history is founded in flight, dating back to WWII. Our National Flight Academies have helped cadets get their foot in the aviation door for decades. The Oklahoma NFA has been training cadets since 2002. 

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