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Enid Composite Squadron (OK110)


As a composite squadron, the membership focus is on cadets, cadet sponsors/parents, and active adult members. Weekly meetings are mainly aimed at advancing cadets through the CAP Cadet Program. A separate meeting and trainings may be scheduled for active adult members as needed.


Commander: 1st Lt. Frank Hooper, CAP

When: Mondays, 6:30-8:30 p.m.

Where: Emerson Middle School
700 W Elm Avenue, Enid

Unit Heraldry:

Unit Designation: OK-110

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Join as a Cadet

As a CAP cadet, you will participate in a year-round program where you fly, learn to lead, hike, camp, get in shape, and push yourself to new limits.

The program transforms youth into dynamic citizens and aerospace leaders through a curriculum that focuses on four elements: leadership, aerospace, fitness, and character.  

As you participate in these four elements, you advance through a series of achievements, earning honors and increased responsibilities. Many of the nation's astronauts, pilots, engineers, and scientists first explored their careers through CAP. The leadership skills, self-confidence, and discipline you gain will prepare you to achieve whatever goals you set for yourself in life. If you’re between 12 and 18 years of age and dreaming about a career in aviation, space or the military, CAP’s Cadet Program is for you.

Join as an Adult

Though Civil Air Patrol is known for its flying missions, CAP adult members do so much more than just fly. In fact, less than one-fifth of all CAP members are pilots or aircrew members. CAP adult members come from all walks of life including electricians, lawyers, educators, retail workers, clergy, truck drivers, and retirees.   Really just about any career or background can be found in the ranks of the CAP adult membership.  

Adult members help out at the squadron with day-to-day operations like managing the finances or keeping equipment inventory. In emergency services and operations, members may help with communications, transporting goods, taking photos, or helping distribute water and food. CAP has more than 23,000 youth in its Cadet Program. Adult members help in all aspects of the cadet program, so it's a great opportunity if you want to be a positive influence in a young person's life.

Join as an Educator

Join as an Aerospace Education Member of Civil Air Patrol and enjoy many free aerospace and STEM educational opportunities ranging from a variety of K-12 curriculum materials and STEM Kits to participating in a teacher orientation flight aboard one of our Cessna aircraft at your local airport. This unique membership category is designed for formal or informal educators involved in promoting aerospace and STEM education in classrooms, homeschools, museums, libraries, or other youth organizations.

Military Makeover 

2023 PSA


Supporting U.S. Air Force Air Defense Training 

Civil Air Patrol’s Texas Wing supported U.S. Air Force air defense training for Super Bowl LI. These exercises -- Felix Hawk on Jan. 24 and Falcon Virgo on Feb. 1 – are designed to protect the airspace around NRG Stadium in Houston

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