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2019 OK-AR Encampment Day 5 Newsletter

Encampment Takes Flight:

Cadets of the 2019 OK-AR Joint Encampment took to the skies  today in CH-47 Chinook Aircraft. For 5 cadets it was their very first time leaving the ground!  All were excited, some had a touch of anxiety. One cadet had missed her opportunity to fly in the CH-47 a year ago, because of her fear. This year she returned as staff, but was still unsure about the Helicopter o-ride. Speaking with other cadets that had the experience before helped her to make the choice the face her fear. She smiled later on when asked what she thought of the experience, she said “it was a little bumpy but fun.” She didn't want the story to be about her however, just wanted the next cadet who has a fear of something new to know they aren't the only ones who have felt that way, and facing it feels way better than not.

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2019 OK-AR Encampment Day 4 Newsletter

Cadets Flights Compete

Cadets competed today on the confidence course. The rules stated that both time and teamwork were measured, and encouragement was a factor. Timing began as the first cadet student in a flight touched the obstacle, and ended when the last cadet of the squadron was off the obstacle.

Flights not only received credit for encouraging their own flights but for encouraging the others as well. Calls to keep up the good work were heard from around the area as the flights made their way from the over under logs, the balance beam and several other low to medium altitude features.

Stan / Eval cadets report there was a definite front runner in the scoring but are keeping the winner quiet for now. Perhaps it will be a factor in tomorrow’s honor flight announcement?

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2019 OK-AR Encampment Day 3 Newsletter

Cadets Visit Altus AFB

The entire encampment short a few staff members travelled to Altus AFB this morning to walk through a C17A, toured the control tower and to watch a demonstration from the police and fire departments including the working police dogs.

Cadets returned energized from all they have seen, many shared stories of the fire demonstration, and the joys of a day of hands on activities. Thanks for pulling out the stops for us Big Blue!

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2019 OK-AR Encampment Day 2 Newsletter

Chief of staff C/Maj Naveen Abraham explained the process of how Honor flight is decided,”

To score for Honor Flight Stan Eval scores on many items, but in the end, it all comes down to how things add up. You don’t have to be the best in every section, but you should be showing improvement.”

C/Maj Abraham continued : “Golf Flight had the best overall drill scores, along with the highest morale score. They took second place in showing customs and courtesies, second in inspections and they scored very well on a knowledge test based on their SOP books. They responded positively to corrective criticism as well. Most impressive was inspections and morale. I have no doubt that Golf flight staff will help them continue to improve through the week.”

Congrats Golf on all your hard work!

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Civil Air Patrol Okla. members provide critical assistance during flood

TULSA, Okla. – Civil Air Patrol’s Oklahoma Wing members completed their mission devoting six airplanes, 14 flights, 3200 photographs, and over 30 hours in the air. Air crews provided reconnaissance flights in support of the Army Corp of Engineers as part of the response to dangerous flooding that has wreaked havoc along the Arkansas River.

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