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2023 Oklahoma Wing Summer Encampment

January 15, 2023

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Civil Air Patrol Summer encampments serve as leadership laboratories. They offer cadets the opportunity to further develop leadership skills under the careful supervision of highly trained adult leaders. Additionally, cadets are offered the opportunity to explore the aerospace sciences and related careers, commit to a habit of regular exercise and solidify their moral character.


When you attend a Civil Air Patrol encampment, you begin the most challenging and rewarding journey of your cadet career: becoming a leader. Encampment challenges you. It pushes you so you’ll grow. Are you self-disciplined? Can you lead? Can you truly work as a team? These are some of the questions the cadre will help you answer for yourself as you participate in awesome, hands-on activities and tours.


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Col Aaron Oliver

Oklahoma Wing Commander

"Greetings All - I wanted to publicly thank everyone who makes our Encampments a resounding success! Without our volunteers, we couldn't do what we do. Also, thanks to the parents who trust us with their cadets over the encampment week. I know memories are made and lasting friendships are forged.

To be a part of this amazing team of volunteers, reach out to us for more information."

Encampment Details:


► Encampment Adult Staff Applications

Encampment Adult Roles:

Deputy Commander for Support 

Commandant of Cadets 

Chief Training Officer 

Curriculum and Plans Officer / NCO 


Safety Officer / NCO 

Assistant D-FAC Manager

Food Services Section Leader

Food Service Officers / NCO’s 

Health Services Officers 

Administrative Officer / NCO 

Personnel Officer / NCO 

Public Affairs Officer / NCO 

Finance Officer 

Logistics Officer / NCO 

Transportation Officer / NCO 

Communications Officer / NCO 

Training Officers / NCO’s 

*Building Manager (3-4) (Additional Duty Assignment) 

*Instructors (Additional Duty Assignment)

Before beginning your application please have

a resume prepared and ready to attach.

► Encampment Cadet Staff Applications

Encampment Cadet Roles:

Cadet Commander

Cadet Deputy Commander for Operations

Cadet Deputy Commander for Support

Cadet Safety OIC / Officers / NCOs 

Cadet Food Service OIC / Officers / NCOs 

Cadet Health Services OIC / Officers / NCOs

Cadet Administrative OIC / Officers / NCOs

Cadet Personnel OIC / Officers / NCOs

Cadet Public Affairs OIC / Officers / NCOs

Cadet Logistics OIC / Officers / NCOs

Cadet NCOA Staff (C/MSgt to C/CMSgt) 

Before beginning your application please have

a resume prepared and ready to attach.

► Encampment NCO Academy Applications

What is the NCO Academy?

The Noncommissioned Officers Academy supplements and reinforces the Phase II training offered at the local unit. Through actual experience, each cadet learns instructional techniques, evaluation methods, and intermediate leadership laboratory skills.

NCO Academy Application Procedures:

Applications for the NCO Academy are not currently open.


Student, NCOA and Staff Registration Procedures:

Encampment Registration Notes

For Students, NCOA, and Staff Registration

All attendees; students, cadet staff, and adult staff must register and submit paperwork.

Step 1: Download the encampment forms and fill them out

Step 2: Email the encampment forms to encampment@okwgcap.org

Step 3: Click the registration link and complete the process


Packing Lists


Encampment Tuition: 

Cadet student tuition is $300

Cadet NCOA student tuition is $200

Cadet Staff tuition is $200

There is no charge for Adult Staff


All cadets are encouraged to apply for Cadet Encampment Assistance Program (CEAP).

Please note, that not all CEAP applicants will receive the scholarship.

Minimum requirements to attend Encampment:

  • Current member of CAP
  • Completed the Curry award (Achievement 1) before Encampment and documented in eServices

Final notes:

Additional information will be posted when student applications open

If you have any questions, please email us at encampment@okwgcap.org.  


We look forward to this year’s encampment.  Hope to see you there!



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