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Woodward Heraldry (OK-116)




Purpose: To establish and maintain compliance with CAP heraldic standards for unit emblems as established in CAPR 110-3, Civil Air Patrol Heraldry Program.

Historical Significance: The Woodward Composite Squadron was initially formed as a flight in 2012 at the Mooreland Airport with three cadets. The squadron began serving the community of Woodward and the surrounding areas of Oklahoma and was eventually given space to take up residence at the High Plains Technology Center.

Heraldry: The components of this new design and their symbolism are described below.

Background: The blue color of the background, with a heraldic name of “Azure,” represents loyalty and strength of commitment and ties. The representation of the background denotes a symbolic reference to the Oklahoma skies.

The Stylized Aircraft: The black color of the aircraft, with a heraldic name of “Sable,” represents wisdom, constancy and prudence. A direct reference to the squadron’s passion for flight, one of its primary focuses.

The Windmills: Woodward is one of the leading wind converter suppliers for the generation of renewable energy. More than 18,500 installed converters in onshore and offshore applications show Woodward’s competence and experience as a leader in the wind energy business. The emblem was designed with three stylized windmills. The number three has several significant meanings to the squadron. The three windmills represent the three prongs of Civil Air Patrol: Aerospace Education, Emergency Services and the Cadet Programs. The three windmills represent teamwork, one of the foundational principles the squadron was built around. The
three windmills serve as a reminder to the rule of three; we should always be looking out for our wingmen. 

The Sun: A stylized representation of the sun disappearing below the horizon bringing attention to nature’s vast and majestic palette of artistic color on Woodward’s afternoon horizons. With a heraldic name of “Orange,” the color represents determination, strength, and endurance.

The Clouds: The cloud, the symbol of the ethereal heights of heaven, represents the quality of higher truth. The Woodward emblem was designed with not one but two groupings of clouds. The first group, near the bottom of the emblem, is a grouping of four. Bringing together the four Core Values of Civil Air Patrol; Integrity, Volunteer Service, and Excellence, and Respect. The second group of clouds, in the middle of the emblem, is a group of three again bringing more attention to the rule of three and the wingman concept.

Done on this day, the twenty-second day of January, two thousand twenty-two and of the Independence of the United States of America, two hundred and forty-five.

Design and Artwork: Capt. Brandon W. Lunsford, Sr

Reviewed by NHQ Historian Staff: Maj. Timothy Thornton, 20 Aug 2021

Coordinated Through Oklahoma Wing Commander: Col. Aaron E. Oliver, 20 Aug 2021

Approved by Southwest Region Commander: Col Martha C. Morris, 20 Aug 2021

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