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Oklahoma City Composite Squadron Heraldry (OK113)




Purpose:  To establish and maintain compliance with CAP heraldic standards for unit emblems as established in CAPR 110-3, Civil Air Patrol Heraldry Program.

Historical Significance: On the fifth of January 2010, the Oklahoma City Composite squadron initiated a program to align its standards of heraldry with that of the United States Air Force. In doing so, the previous squadron emblem would be replaced with a new design. The design process took approximately four months of planning and collaboration between both cadets and senior members and an additional two months of artwork renderings until a final design was to be submitted for approval. Final design approval was granted from Oklahoma Wing Headquarters on the eighth of August 2010.

Heraldry: The components of this new design and their symbolism are described below.

Vocati Ad Servitium: Called to Serve. The motto embodies the spirit of the squadron members.

The Pegasus: Represents readiness, speed and strength, as well as flight and the combination horse eagle represents, we function on the ground as well as air. The Pegasus is a common element found in support and search and rescue squadrons in the military. The small flames at the bottom represent our use of powered flight. The Pegasus is blue and white in color. The color white with a heraldic name of “Argent” represents truth and peace and represents that we are a noncombat unit. Blue, heraldic name of “Az-yoor,” represents our loyalty to the programs of CAP.

Three Yellow Stars: Stars represent the cosmos and the reach for them symbolizing a reach for excellence in all we do. The stars also represent the three programs of Civil Air 

Patrol. In addition, the stars are a euphemism of the wingman concept of looking out for each other. Yellow represents the metal gold and has the heraldic name of “Or.” It characterizes the squadrons generosity of service and openness to all peoples. We are volunteers and generous in giving our time to commit to the CAPs programs and giving to the community in which we reside.

Red Castle Wall: The red wall represents faithfulness to our calling. The castle wall looking line known as an "embattled" line represents the walls of a fortress and service to the community with a black and red split chevron. Red has a heraldic name of “Gyoolz” and represents strength, determination and courage. The color black, a reference to space, has a heraldic name of “Sable” which represents wisdom, constancy and prudence. One of our programs is aerospace education and space becomes ever more present in our world. Additionally, we will be consistent in our objectives and always ready to serve.

Done on this day, the twentieth day of August, two thousand twenty-one and of the Independence of the United States of America, two hundred and forty-five.

Design and Artwork: Maj. Robert J. Maucere

Reviewed by NHQ Historian Staff: Maj. Timothy Thornton, 20 Aug 2021

Coordinated Through Oklahoma Wing Commander: Col. Aaron E. Oliver, 20 Aug 2021

Approved by Southwest Region Commander: Col Martha C. Morris, 20 Aug 2021

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